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Slow Progress

Positivity Link: Another fire rescue, but with a surprising hero.

Told you I was fairly disorganised: Saturday’s post has been missed. On the upside, it’s led me to realise that two posts in a row is not a good idea. Therefore, Progress Day will now occur on Sunday. Unfortunately, if you read this I must inform you that today’s post is very simple, lacks a ramble or a rant and is literally a summary of my personal progress and findings-out this week. It puts the “log” in blog. It’s Chuck without the Norris. It’s Boris Johnson with tidy hair.

And without further ado (if you still dare to read on):

  • It’s difficult not to feel like I’m moving backwards with school. About a month ago I let you lovely readers know how anxious I was about school. Surprisingly (well, to me) I’ve made quite a few friends, and I always have someone to talk to in and out of classes. I get along well enough with my teachers, most likely because 4 out of 5 of them are as crazy as me. My target grades are high. I no longer fall asleep upon arriving home out of exhaustion. Still, the workload gets me down. It feels like I plough through one pile of work only to emerge at the beginning of another. I guess they didn’t say that the transition between high school and college was hard for nothing.
  • My novel is going reasonably well. It might be ambitious (and crazy, what with all the complaining I’m doing already) but I’d like to have it finished before June 2013. Hopefully. I’m disorganised and I can be lazy, but I’m determined to finish the novel.
  • If you live in England, you might have heard of an event called Stoptober, which basically encourages smokers to give up smoking throughout the length of October. I don’t smoke, but I have given up on drinking Pepsi and Coke for the month (my family affectionately call me a coke-head, though it’s not a joke we make in public). I’m a week in, and just have…24 days to go. Jeez.
  • In looking for a good article about this post’s positivity link, I stumbled upon an white nationalist forum which referred to the heroic boy only as a jigaboo. If you’re not familiar with the word, it’s a derogative term for a black person. I won’t bother linking to the website because I don’t want to give them the attention. Slow progress. Slow progress indeed.

Fresh Starts

Don’t you just hate fresh starts? Or is it just me?

On Wednesday, I will be thrown into a new school to join the mass of hormone-driven young adolescents known as Year Twelve, a.k.a Senior Year if you’re American. 😉 Sure, I go along with a bunch of high school mates I’ve known for just under two years, but the majority of the student body will be strangers to me. There will be new teachers, a new floor plan to get used to, five lessons for me to scramble around finding, and glass doors to walk headfirst into (I almost always end up doing this in a new building). Most importantly, I will fail horribly at introducing myself.

I always feel incredibly helpless when I’m thrown into a new environment. The confidence I’m told to muster up never arrives. Does anyone else feel the same way, whether it be at a new school, workplace or town?

I’m very bad at meeting new people. I’m rather introverted, so I tend to be shy around people I don’t know. I do try to speak more, yet it rarely works. I’ve noticed that extroverts tend to start conversations by talking about some aspect of themselves, and I can’t do that well because I’ve always found talking about myself boring (and a bit narcissistic). I can’t start things off with my name, either, because people always mispronounce both my fore and surname. The first they never seem to hear properly, the second they notice is African and so they attempt to pronounce (I have never understood why) with some strange accent. They never get it right.

But perhaps I worry too much. Perhaps by some miracle someone might one day pronounce both names right; perhaps at the end of two years, someone might even be able to spell it correctly. Perhaps someone might find my oddness somewhat endearing, and maybe when I walk into that glass door, nobody will be around.


Hopefully, school starting won’t disrupt to a great extent my ability to post frequently. I know I’ve been a bit sketchy during the past week just attempting to get ready for it, but the thing about the school period is that it tends to help me get organised, oddly enough.