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Slow Progress

Positivity Link: Another fire rescue, but with a surprising hero.

Told you I was fairly disorganised: Saturday’s post has been missed. On the upside, it’s led me to realise that two posts in a row is not a good idea. Therefore, Progress Day will now occur on Sunday. Unfortunately, if you read this I must inform you that today’s post is very simple, lacks a ramble or a rant and is literally a summary of my personal progress and findings-out this week. It puts the “log” in blog. It’s Chuck without the Norris. It’s Boris Johnson with tidy hair.

And without further ado (if you still dare to read on):

  • It’s difficult not to feel like I’m moving backwards with school. About a month ago I let you lovely readers know how anxious I was about school. Surprisingly (well, to me) I’ve made quite a few friends, and I always have someone to talk to in and out of classes. I get along well enough with my teachers, most likely because 4 out of 5 of them are as crazy as me. My target grades are high. I no longer fall asleep upon arriving home out of exhaustion. Still, the workload gets me down. It feels like I plough through one pile of work only to emerge at the beginning of another. I guess they didn’t say that the transition between high school and college was hard for nothing.
  • My novel is going reasonably well. It might be ambitious (and crazy, what with all the complaining I’m doing already) but I’d like to have it finished before June 2013. Hopefully. I’m disorganised and I can be lazy, but I’m determined to finish the novel.
  • If you live in England, you might have heard of an event called Stoptober, which basically encourages smokers to give up smoking throughout the length of October. I don’t smoke, but I have given up on drinking Pepsi and Coke for the month (my family affectionately call me a coke-head, though it’s not a joke we make in public). I’m a week in, and just have…24 days to go. Jeez.
  • In looking for a good article about this post’s positivity link, I stumbled upon an white nationalist forum which referred to the heroic boy only as a jigaboo. If you’re not familiar with the word, it’s a derogative term for a black person. I won’t bother linking to the website because I don’t want to give them the attention. Slow progress. Slow progress indeed.

Of (Metaphorical) Mice and Men

I’m really growing sick of reading online articles now. First I gave up on the Daily Mail, a tabloid which uses sensationalist headlines and gross exaggerations of Britain’s immigration problem to attract readers. Next I’m almost ready to give up on Yahoo. I still read The Guardian, as it is not as sensationalist, but sometimes its articles are a little too forced, a little too left-wing for me to bother with (also, its commentisfree contributors can sometimes be down right annoying and self-righteous). Yet I suppose you could call my disgust somewhat misdirected, as it is really the comments section on the Daily Mail and Yahoo which boil my blood.

Reading the blatant racism, you’d often think we were stuck in the early 20th century. Or right back in the days when Europeans discovered other continents and their people.

Granted, and thankfully, not all commenters act in such a way, but if an article refers to a minority than the topic always rears its ugly head. Last month, I wrote a post on the freedom of speech. I disagree with the content of many comments sections, but I recognise that it is a person’s right to make them. I also don’t like to indiscriminately throw the word racist around. So what angers me is the cowardice. The sheer cowardice. I don’t understand why people would make such comments on the anonymity of the internet, and then go back out into the world and say nothing. I may sit here blogging about various things, but I express the same views in real life. Online, they complain that they cannot spout their views because the government will throw them in jail, accuse them of racism, etc. But so what? The “immigrants” they refer to fought for their right to live in Britain, even at threat of physical harm. Even the publicly-despised and radical Muslim clerics continue to shout their views despite widespread hatred and in-between getting arrested. So what are those who wish to “defend” Britain waiting for?

*Sigh* I don’t like to get involved in this whole issue. But I was tired after a long school day and a few posts on The Student Room website got me seeing red, and I responded rather critically to a thread. In hindsight, I know I should not have said some of things I did and I do regret that I said them. However, the issue of racism is one that needs to be addressed. In the West it’s handled the exact same way in which gay rights is: with a ten-foot pole. Some members of the White British community are panicked by British immigration, especially when they see places like Bradford, Luton or Peckham. Some members of minority groups, particularly Asians and Blacks, walk around with a chip on their shoulder and blame all their problems in life on racism, and love to play that card. But the answer to this isn’t to put up walls, try to kick each other out of the country, or to shout each other down. That solution has never worked. Once again, the only way through this is sitting all the groups down and undertaking the arduous process of changing minds. People like to say it doesn’t work, but the truth is humanity would be nowhere if minds didn’t change. And we’d still be back in the stone ages if those minds didn’t change together.