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The Sensual Blogging Award

Much thanks to Managua Gunn for nominating me for this award! 😀

The Rules

When nominated for the Sensual Blogging Award the blogger must*:

  • mention the blogger that nominated them
  • nominate a dozen other bloggers
  • answer seven sensual questions, and
  • use the nominating blog’s url to link from the award logo when pasting.

D.L. Aiden’s Nominees: blogs which have touched me or with which I can deeply empathise.

The Seven Sensual Questions

  1. Most romantic memory: A dark night under the stars
  2. Most sensual music: This version of Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine
  3. Most sensual season: Summer
  4. Favourite flower: Tiger-lily
  5. Favourite fruit: Apple (boring, I know 😉 )
  6. Best gift received: A soft toy cow, believe it or not. It’s the story behind it.
  7. Love is: a river that ebbs, and also flows.


*Feel free to ask/drop me an email if you need any more clarification.