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Well, that was disappointing…but Happy Holidays!

Well, over here it’s around twelve in the morning on the 24th of December, and most of us are still here. Which means we still have to deal with money shortages after Christmas spending, having distant relatives over for holiday festivities and (for me, anyway) exams in the New Year. The world goes on.

The youthful face of worldwide disappointment.

ANYWAY. What with Nanowrimo last month and a few tests/exam preparation shenanigans this month, I find I now have a backlog of awards!

Very Inspiring Blogger Awardgiven by NicoLite

Sunshine Awardgiven by lespetitspasdejuls

Liebster Awardgiven by shelconners (I’m aware that this award comes with several questions to be answered, and I intend to address that in a second post.)

I’m immensely grateful to all three bloggers who’ve nominated me for these rewards, and every other reader who makes them possible by reading and/or promoting my blog. My journey in the blogosphere/Jonesville (TM’d by Emily) really just gets better and better each month. From ranting and rambling to writing, I’m really grateful to the response I get (even if I don’t always reply to comments speedily; definitely one of my New Year’s resolutions.)

Without further ado, the requirements of both the Sunshine Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award are to nominate other bloggers . To cut down on post size (sorry!) I’ll be passing on just the Very Inspiring Blogger Award to four bloggers whose blogs I find incredibly inspiring; they are in turn meant to link back to this post and nominate 15 (or any other reasonable number) other bloggers. It is entirely possible that I’ve nominated these people for awards before, but they most certainly deserve them. If you haven’t already, give these blogs a read.

Thomas at The Quiet Voice: Willing and unafraid to discuss tough or controversial topics, and discusses his life and opinions with a brutal and refreshing honesty. Blogs like this really make you think, or at least open you to the idea of discussion when it comes to the ideas you hold without really considering.

Lisa at A Gripping Life: You know how on television sitcoms, there are those characters who the writers try to show are ultra-professional at their job, even though a sitcom writer does not know enough about X profession to accurately portray it? Lisa is not that character. This woman is a professional at psychology, and you can see her experience in almost every post. And in every other post you can see the normal, human person behind the analytical psychologist. And all these posts are indubitably amazing (yes, that is a weird word and yes, I threw it in especially to confound you because my brain is full of Philosophy revision.) Read this blog.

RR at RegisteredRunaways: A blog from a happily gay Christian with inspiration and encouragement in every last word. I don’t think I’ve yet found a blog with more consistently positive posts than this one, and every one refreshes me and makes me reconsider my ideas on a variety of issues, whether pertaining to the LGBT community or not. Sexuality really doesn’t matter here, people.

Emily at The Waiting: Well, I’ll be mighty surprised if you haven’t heard of this blogger. And I’m fully aware that I’ve sent an award her way before. But if you’ve read her blog before, than you understand. And if you haven’t, than welcome to a mommy/mummy blog like no other. Upon clicking the link above, you will depart to a land of babies, Festivus and musings about life which more often than not shoot off in fantastically odd directions. Good luck. 😉


Being well aware of other commitments outside Jonesville and the busyness of this holiday season, there’s obviously no need for nominated bloggers to respond to this in a rush. It may be a few hours too late over here, but Happy Festivus anyway my fellow bloggers, and tomorrow have a very Merry Christmas!