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Prose #2 – The Boy

Well, this is really more like prose four or five, except the others were postscripts added to the end of other posts. Nevertheless, read on if you will. If you’ve been reading my other fragments of prose, you might recognise this as from the boy’s point of view. If not, it doesn’t matter: take this short work as an experiment in writing.

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Prose #1

An old story, one also published elsewhere on the web. I need time to think of what my next blog post will be about (suggestions most welcome). If you decide to read it, I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you might even spare the time to tell me what you think. 😉

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Ni hao!

Er, no, I’m not Chinese. I’m simply interested in the language. Anyway, welcome if you’re reading this, and if you’re not…well, you are.

You can call me D.L. Aiden, not a real name, of course, but a pseudonym. I plan to blog about life, my love affair with the written word, and the fiasco that is British politics. Possibly video games too. Stick around if you will, though I’ll give you fair warning: I tend to rant.

And if you wonder why my blog is themed around crows and my header picture isn’t…well, I wonder too.