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This is an Addictive Blog…

Positivity Link: A picture with an inspiring response


..according to Nicolite, and one-hundred and sixty something followers! Thanks again for nominating me for this award. 😉

Why do I blog?

Why does anyone? I didn’t begin the month of August intending to get into blogging. I began it thinking that my Summer was coming to a gradual end, and worrying about my progress into another stage of school. I did intend this return to education to be different; I wanted to push myself more than I had at high school. I also decided, that month, that I wanted to be more honest to and about myself. A big part of that was tied up with the issue of revealing my sexuality, but another big part of it was allowing myself to fulfil my potential. You see, I’m lazy. I am. I’m smart, but I don’t push myself as much as I should and I convince myself that I can get good results with little work. That’s a form of dishonesty. Or it should be.

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The Sensual Blogging Award

Much thanks to Managua Gunn for nominating me for this award! 😀

The Rules

When nominated for the Sensual Blogging Award the blogger must*:

  • mention the blogger that nominated them
  • nominate a dozen other bloggers
  • answer seven sensual questions, and
  • use the nominating blog’s url to link from the award logo when pasting.

D.L. Aiden’s Nominees: blogs which have touched me or with which I can deeply empathise.

The Seven Sensual Questions

  1. Most romantic memory: A dark night under the stars
  2. Most sensual music: This version of Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine
  3. Most sensual season: Summer
  4. Favourite flower: Tiger-lily
  5. Favourite fruit: Apple (boring, I know 😉 )
  6. Best gift received: A soft toy cow, believe it or not. It’s the story behind it.
  7. Love is: a river that ebbs, and also flows.


*Feel free to ask/drop me an email if you need any more clarification.