Fight or Flight?

Look too closely at the bottom-right corner and that’s your appetite gone.

This isn’t a direct response, but this post is certainly inspired by today’s Daily Prompt. Fight or flight, eh? This entire month has been an exercise in that dance for me and many other writers. Four days left, and we’ve shed blood, sweat and ink in an uphill battle to write 50,000 words by the end of the month.

I’ve quit and returned to my novel three times this month. I keep getting that soul-crushing feeling that whatever I write does not matter to anyone and never will, that I am just another 16-year-old trying to hammer out a mediocre novel. My plot bunny, once long-lost, has returned over the past few days. It doesn’t make it easier to get out the words but it does tell me where they’re going. Exam pressure makes me want to run and give in to the weird side of YouTube and my gaming console. Even new friendships make me want to run away (yes, I am something of an introvert.) But I’ve decided to fight, even though it goes against my instinct to run.

Movember (yes, MOVEMBER) was an international fight-or-flight struggle. I say this because everyone knows what a touchy subject men’s health is. There’s this general consensus that men dislike discussing their health; they’re almost afraid of the subject. This month, thousands of bloggers and people around the world joined forces to bring this problem to the forefront. We’ve joined forces to encourage people to fight instead of run. It wasn’t easy. I’m sure the main campaigners and fundraisers were plagued more than once with the depressing thought of minimal interest, little outcome and overall failure. But they’ve fought anyway. And if you’ve even done the smallest thing to help that effort then you know what a great thing that is.

This month of November has woken me up. It’s kept me in the fight for my dream to be a writer, it’s helped get me involved in encouraging the fight in others. It’s helped people around the world wake up too. Heck, in one way or the other it might have helped you. Because for me and many other people this month’s been the difference between facing our fears and doing what we always do. It’s leaving this:

–and facing life like this:

Well, okay. Maybe we don’t look that good.

8 thoughts on “Fight or Flight?

    1. dlaiden Post author

      Thank you! I’m impressed with myself too; I literally cannot wait to go shouting it out from the rooftops after the next 5,635 words. And haha, everybody needs a healthy dose of Brad Pitt. 😉

  1. NicoLite Великий

    I’ve recently moved to another front, a.k.a.real life and paying my debts to society, i.e. the state and banks for being able to study, but that also cost me a great deal of energy that would have gone into writing, one of my only regrets over the past two weeks. somehow I need to balance that, or else i’ll start regretting things again

    1. dlaiden Post author

      I certainly hope you find the energy to start writing again along with paying those debts. I know how difficult it is to return to that blank page after any length of hiatus.

  2. Peter Monaco

    Lets pick who we get to be in the picture. Okay fine, I’ll be Brad Pitt.

    Homestretch! Seriously, whatever your word count is, you can get it to 50,000. November 30th is on a Friday. If that’s not the best day in the world to be an introvert and whole yourself up and write until 11:59 PM, I don’t know what is.

    1. dlaiden Post author

      Please, pot-belly guy on the left is so much better. 😛

      Yeah, I’m banking on it. I’ve been thinking of doing a 5000 word day on Thursday as well (since everyone seems to be doing one of those on the NaNo boards, must be in fashion 😉 .) And even if I don’t finish, I’ve written nearly 45,000 words in one month. That’s definitely something. ^_^ Never felt so happy or so tired about an achievement before.


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