Of Islam and Innocence.

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It all looks so…cheerful, doesn’t it?

Sam Bacile…really? Am I the only one who thinks the pseudonym was intended to sound like “Imbecile”?

There’s isn’t a lot that’s new to be said on this topic. Some bigots/freedom fighters/anti-Islamists/truth-spreaders (depending on your view) posted the 13-minute trailer of a film called the “Innocence of Muslims” which (whatever your view) ridiculed the Islamic prophet. In retaliation, some Muslims (and again, whatever your view, a fraction of the world’s population) have stormed embassies around the world, killing some and injuring others.

Some claim this as proof that Islam is a violent, destructive and medieval religion which will never change. That it is growing and seeks to usurp the West.

Some say that this was provocation, and the reaction to the film was one of culture rather one of religion. That most Muslims have ignored the film and gotten on with their lives, and the rioters are just violent idiots.

I like to think most of my readers can guess my opinion on this topic. It can be summed up in these pictures. I live in a town which has a relatively high Muslim population. Last year (or the one before?) a former resident blew himself up in Switzerland. An anti-Islam group which opposes Islamic extremists was set up here in the last couple of years. (I call them anti-Islam and not anti-extremist because, unfortunately, despite their original noble goal of opposing extremism, most members are skinheads who weren’t of the right social class to join the BNP and who only chant racial slurs at their rallies.)

Yet, the town is not a hive of terrorist activity, anti-Western vitriol or pro-Sharia law demonstrators. It is a town. We have a nice mall. Sometimes it’s sunny. Sometimes it rains. We have a street you might call “Asiantown,” or whatever. There is a degree of distrust between races and cultures. It is the same as anywhere else, and it is bred by the fear of strangers and feeds on the fear of the unknown. It is solvable. At school, there isn’t a reason to fear other students, and we get along fine.

There’s been no reaction to the film in this town. Of course it’s been heard of. But no-one cares. A friend made a Facebook comment: “I wish people would stop mistaking culture for religion.” That was it. Up in London, 150 protesters burnt an American flag. They should be arrested, but they won’t be because this is England. Mob mentalities drive the riots in the Middle-East. Many turned to looting straight after breaking into buildings. There isn’t even a reason, it’s just senseless violence. It reminds me almost exactly of last year’s London riots. Something’s been cooked up simply to provoke a reaction. And it’s a sad situation which has led to the unfortunate loss of life of innocent people. I can only hope that whoever is behind the film is caught quickly.

If you disagree with me (or if you’ve guessed the town I live in from all the massive hints) feel free to start a discussion below.

12 thoughts on “Of Islam and Innocence.

  1. Katy Rose

    Opening paragraph had me in stitches. Unfortunately, the rest is not a laughing matter. I don’t believe that there is any religious or cultural ideal worth killing for, but there will always be those that will adopt an emotive issue as their cause and excuse for senseless destruction. Your sincere yet objective view point is refreshing, thank you

    1. dlaiden Post author

      I’m genuinely surprised no-one made the connection; if it’s not a pseudonym it’s a very unfortunate name. 😉

      But you are right. I don’t believe one should kill for culture, but I do believe this violent reaction is not a result of the religion but a result of the cultures built around the religion, and their different models of adherence to the central faith. That does not make it any better, but it is why I can never agree to the generalisation that the faith and all its followers are evil. Thank you for the comment!

  2. Deri

    It’s a flagrant insult – to film-makers everywhere. I can’t see how anyone could possibly take it seriously. But on the other hand, Christian fundamentalists react explosively to what seems like trivia to most of us.

    1. dlaiden Post author

      I think that was what the actors thought; not only that it was something else entirely but that it wasn’t a very serious film so they didn’t think much of their roles. But yes, people react differently to different things. If a film like this had been made about Christ, there would be widespread protest from Christians, probably at least five times as much as with the Da Vinci Code.

      1. Noel Williams (prhayz) www.prhayz.com

        The actors are not telling the truth. Even my dog knows that if anyone spoke ill of, or produce any image that depicts the prophet Mohamed, in any derogatory way people in the Muslim world are going to be offended. Ask Solomon Rushdie, the Danish cartoonist or even the thirteen year old girl that got locked up in Pakistan recently. The producer of that video deliberately released it to cause trouble.

        1. dlaiden Post author

          I’m positive the producer knew; I think they’ve arrested him now. But apparently, the actors had their lines dubbed over our something. It’s all ridiculous, and I’m surprised that a film like this was allowed to be produced, that no-one at any stage figured it out. >.<

        2. NotResponsibleAmy

          But why should they be offended? Why don’t they realize we now live in the civilized world where people’s opinions and expressions are to be tolerated? What makes them and their prophet so special and precious? I mean, face it, is locking up a 23 year old mentally disabled girl the actions of a decent, civilized peoples? Why do we pander to that?

          1. dlaiden Post author

            Of course they’re going to be offended. Not all views are tolerated. If a film was produced which ridiculed blacks, whites, Jews, gays, etc. people would get offended. They would. Simply because in the Western society freedom of speech is officially allowed does not mean that the people such “free speeches” pertain to should simply shrug off any insults sent their way. Muslims are human, and get offended like anybody else. For them, it’s insults to their prophet, for any person on their street it might be insults to their mother/father.

            The riots and killings are wrong. I don’t disagree with that. It is the wrong reaction to the situation. However, that is not THE Muslim attitude. Muslims did not lock up that girl, a culture of extremism did. That extremism is what needs to be combated.

  3. NicoLite Великий

    I’m not about to see the film, mainly because it will probably make me wretch, also I’d find myself time teleported something close to 80 years into the past when not muslims, but jews were at the center of negative propaganda. Not trying to sound fatalistic, but this doesn’t raise my hopes that humainty might change to the better as a whole

    1. dlaiden Post author

      I’ve not seen it myself. It’s the same old mockery and degradation that was done to the Jews, the Christians, the blacks, the gays and every other group regarded as an “other.” Things like this do make feel as if no progress is being made, but then again there was a time when no-one would have cared about this. At least the attitudes of some are changing for the better.


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