Great bit of writing here. Not a rehashed topic, a revisited one, with a message that needs to be sent.


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  1. krisweinrich

    That’s a great post, thanks for sharing it. Not only is the sexualization of these characters sexist and insulting, it’s also annoying from a storytelling standpoint: how could anyone fight crime in those outfits? Honestly! Especially the footwear: why do illustrators insist on these ladies always wearing high heels? What’s wrong with regular boots?

    1. dlaiden Post author

      It is an absolutely brilliant post. The sexism is irritating, and yes it is ridiculous how they ignore storytelling for the sake of it. It’s worst in video games–ridiculous kicks in skin-tight leather that never rips, and 90% of skin being shown in the middle of Winter. >.< It's just stupid. The footwear thing is weird: I think some illustrators believe that as soon as a woman puts on high heels they're sexy. :/ And of course, the fact that it is tough enough to walk in heels let alone fight and run in them is glossed over. It's all nonsense. Anyway, thanks for the comment!


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